The breakfast buffet


In the morning we will prepare a continental breakfast buffet for you. Between 8:30 and 10:00 you will find a variety of rolls and of course Frisian sugar bread, with a rich choice of fillings. A glass of juice or milk, a cup of tea or coffee are also provided.


In the vicinity of our b&b are several restaurants. Balk (1.5 km.), Sloten (3.5 km.) and Lemmer (8 km.) are only a short drive. Of course we would love to give you some advise!

Don’t feel like going out?

After a long trip it is also wonderful to enjoy a nice drink and relax. You can have a delicious meal delivered by various restaurants and enjoy it in our cosy “living room” or outside at the picnic table. We provided the plates and the cutlery and we do the dishes!

Bed en Breakfast met huiselijke sfeer

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